About Us

VersionAbsolute™ Design Studio is one of the leading Wayfinding & Sign Design consultants in India. The studio comprises of Architects, Communication & Graphic Designers, Production Engineers and Project Managers. The studio has consulted for and continues to consult for projects in the retail, hospitality, residential and commercial developments for the past 15 years in India and more recently overseas.

The one word that best describes our talent pool is Diverse. Designers from the field of Architecture and Interior Design work in close collaboration with Communication and Graphic designers to offer design direction and solutions. These diverse sensibilities combined with extensive national and international experience allow us to have unique insights into the design process that help us shape our understanding of your requirements. It is through this understanding that we can offer a design solution that is the most appropriate for the given project.
Our team is our most valuable asset and the reason for success.

As of 2012, we are a pure sign design and wayfinding consultancy, our architecture and interior design portfolio can be found on the website of our affiliate firm DesignCollab. DesignCollab consults in the area of Architecture, Interior, Landscape Design and Master-planning. Do have a look at our work, we would love to work with you.

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