Sign Design & Wayfinding

Great environments are those where people can respond to the function and character of the space without getting lost or disoriented.

Our job as sign design and wayfinding designers is to add a narrative to the experience of the built and unbuilt environment. An overlay of information that guides the user(s) while serving the function attributed by design to the physical space. We design the user interface to the environment, we brand, label, direct, tell you what to do and what not to do, help you recognize and relate to your surroundings…we make you feel at ease, help you encapsulate your experience while within that space. We help make your experience of the space, memorable.

Our Expertise

  • Signage Identity Program
  • Circulation Study
  • Wayfinding Layouts
  • Addressing Systems
  • Information Graphic Design
  • Sign Design
  • Signing Guidelines
  • Product Detailing
  • Design of Commerce Driven Sign Installations
  • Design Documentation and Supervision


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