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High Street Phoenix


High Street Phoenix or HSP as its locally known in Mumbai, is an achingly happening place. Its a celebration of our abilities to shop, drink, eat and make merry. Along with Palladium, this retail destination is home to some of the best brands in the country.

HSP is in a constant state of re-invention, it constantly tries to engage with its users by creating contemporary experiences. It is with this in mind,we set out to design a wayfindng scheme that interacts with the city, mirroring its hopes,  dreams, wants and desires. Architecturally HSP is essentially a collection of four retail buildings now namely Palladium, Courtyard, Grand Galleria and Skyzone. VersionAbsolute's scope in this development was to design a sign design identity and implement a wayfinding scheme for the complete development that is known as HSP.

Exterior directories and property marker signs in perforated metal, Corian, laminated glass poster box and channel letters. This is our first project where we have successfully integrated a digital information system within our signs.

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