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Strategy | The Addressing System

Wayfinding is all about strategy. It is not an exercise in graphic or product design, but it's one's ability to design an information system that aids navigation and encourages explorations. A speak and recall friendly addressing system for the users is the starting point of an efficient wayfinding system. One has to keep in mind the navigational requirements and comprehension abilities of a variety of users in every environment.


Lets consider one of the more critical wayfinding problems we face today...

Being on time for your date

Now every developer's likes to have fancy names for their projects and destinations within. This may look good on the marketing pitch but in the real world, will only get you late for your date.

Simplicity is the key to formulating a 'speak and recall friendly' addressing system. At least for the essential components of the wayfinding system should have a sequential and hence a predictive addressing strategy. This will get you to your date on time, and on time is a good thing :)

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