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Parking spaces and how they can be interesting!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

No one loves a dark and drab basement to park in. This, not only creates a poor impression about the place you are visiting but also is a nightmare to navigate.

I am sure that you have, perhaps more than a few occasions, forgot where you parked! Its no fun when that happens. You are tired at the end of long day and the last thing that you want is go hunting for your car in a sea of cars parked in a dimly lit nondescript space.

This is happens because when you park, the environment doesn't provide any visual clues or interest which then stays in your memory.


Colors help!

Especially if you want to quickly identify where the circulation lobbies are. Following are sketches made for one of our current healthcare projects where the elevator lobbies in the parking levels are being highlighted by color blocking the surfaces and also adding a ceiling that hides all services and puts the color in sharp contrast. This color is also highlighted by changing a small percentage of the lights to to the same color as the core color.