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Strategy | The Use of Colors

Continuing our discussions on strategy, this issue we would like to focus your attention to the use of colors...thats right, those red, blue and yellow things. Colors play an important part of our understanding of the world. Imagine if everything was devoid of color (lets say everything was black or white) what choices would we have. Colors help in creating mental associations to spaces and volumes and work as memory aids to help in your experience of the environment.


Lets look at one example where color is being used as a tool to create an address.

Color as wayfinding strategy.

Colors to identify blocks and floors...

Here we propose the use of distinct colors to identify individual addresses within a residential development. A base color has been used to contrast this block colors and to create a unifying graphic element in the sign system. This graphic system in conjunction with a form and material vocabulary.

In this project we have used color to identify floors of a retail center. This simplest of strategies in conjunction with other design strategies, helps create, by its repetition, an identity the large retail floor plates.

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