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The tale of three IT Parks

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Over the past year, we have worked with 3 prominent IT park & SEZ developers in the country namely Brookfield India, Blackstone and more recently Bagmane Developers in Bangalore, working on standardizing the wayfinding experience within their individual many properties. Whilst the user profile was similar, how the brand agreed to address their navigational issues, was unique in each of these branded campuses.


Oxygen Business Park (OBP)

This was a single campus development though it had an old part (few towers) & when we were hired, they were in a new phase of development and both these phases were a substantial years apart. Here the challenge was in integrating the product design scheme with the brand expectations & positioning of the new identity/development with the older phase. Our design response took into cognizance, this duality and we tried to express this in the simplicity of form in the informational area contrasting it with the dynamism of form in the base which reflected the aspirations of the new brand/development.