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2017 | The Year of Many Firsts

2017 was truly an interesting year for us, a year of many firsts. It was a year where we explored working with experiential wayfinding concepts and products, many of which we developed in our studio. It was the year of experimenting with technology to encourage user participation while helping businesses achieve their communication goals. It was a year of SEZ's with some interesting projects with Brookfield India and Oxygen Business Parks. It has been immensely interesting developing placemaking and wayfinding solutions for such environments. This has been also the year where we have developed our own static digital directory based on creating a light and efficient content management system on the Raspberry Pi platform. Our first such, of what we hope, many installations will go live in the first quarter of 2018. Exciting times!


It has been a year of hard work and some epic partying!


This year has been all about laying the foundations for a hopefully exciting 2018. We hope that we will have your support and encouragement as we have had these past years. We are excited about our work in the new year, the experiments in creating experiences which we will undertake together​.

Our best is yet to come! Stay with us on our journey through 2018!


Please excuse the commentary and yes, Draw More!

Follow us and keep up-to-date with whats going on!

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