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New Year with Exciting Possibilities

Work begins on our Godrej Summit project with the first batch of prototypes being manufactured. Aluminium, acrylic & Vinyl residential interior signs.

Antara Senior Living signs being installed at site. Mighty excited to see these sign programme being executed at site. Still some issues to be fixed though.

Wayfinding & Placemaking for a series of Tech Parkand SEZs in India. We are having a lot of fun working with the client's team who share our enthusiasm of all things tech!

2017 started off with some fantastic possibilities, both old and new. The projects that we have been working over the past couple of years are now finally getting implemented at site. As for the new, there are some new client's and projects that we are excited to be a part of. Without giving away much, these are large IT/ITES SEZ's for an international real estate brand. This year we also experiment with our ideas of creating interactive surfaces. With this we begin our journey into designing interactive wayfinding and installations. Will keep you guys posted!


Concepts for an Interactive Campus Directory Interactive directory with provision for seating, lighting and sound.


2017 is the year of new opportunities, new geographies for our design explorations!


Listen to music, Drink good coffee and Stay Fit!

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